Sales Training & Certification

The PerfectCoaches platform highlights specific Skillsets, enabling users to earn Certificates of Completion and Mastery. A Certificate of Completion is awarded for taking the course and "touching base" at least seven times with your virtual motivation coach. Certificates of Mastery are awarded based on self-assessed mastery ("getting to Got It!”) of at least 5 of the 10 skills in the Skillset.

"Persuasion professionals" are those who develop the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others. This includes sales professionals as well as many customer service careers where the goal is not necessarily persuading others to buy a product or idea, but rather to make interactions effective and pleasant. PerfectCoaches has developed a set of best practice habits for Persuasion Professionals, based on the Three Ps of Persuasion: Prepare, Present, Persist.



Always Be Confident

Always Be Charming

Always Have an Elevator Speech


Always Be Curious

Always Bring Choices

Always Be Closing


Always Follow-Up

Always Open Doors

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