Leadership Training & Certification

The PerfectCoaches platform highlights specific Skillsets, enabling users to earn Certificates of Completion and Mastery. A Certificate of Completion is awarded for taking the course and "touching base" at least seven times with your virtual motivation coach. Certificates of Mastery are awarded based on self-assessed mastery ("getting to Got It!”) of at least 5 of the 10 skills in the Skillset.

Research in leadership generally distinguishes between leading tasks, i.e., defining the work and getting it done (sometimes termed instrumental leadership), and leading people (expressive leadership), which involves motivating other individuals, keeping them working as a team, and keeping them focused. A third aspect of modern leadership, leading change, can also be particularly important. The great leaders are successful in all arenas. The skillset stack presented below makes those distinctions.



Serve Customers

Write Effectively

Solve Problems

Manage Projects


Work in Teams

Communicate Effectively

Influence Others

Lead Mindfully


Create and Innovate

Be Flexible and Adaptable